International Process Servers, Statutory Agents & Expert Witnesses

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International Process Servers

"Ius gentium est quod naturalis ratio inter omnes homines constituit"

European Process Servers

International Process Servers (Hague & Non Hague)

We serve legal documents, Judicial or extra Judicial, in Civil or Commercial matters within Europe, any city and any location. On the other hand we are "Statutory agents" for European related contracts, serving also as legal representatives when needed. Our International Law Firm offers other services related to International Law (Civil or Penal).

For Emergencies on International Service of Process; 72 hrs service, follow our instructions and simply send your documents by email (PDF format only) to, complete payment and we will send you back an Affidavit of service in English language authenticated and back up with service evidence.

The different procedures for serving documents within the European Civil Law system countries, Roman-Napoleonic Legal Systems and complete information on international serving can be found by visiting the site of the Hague Service Convention's website.

Please note that the use of the Central Authorities (Governmental method) is not mandatory and that there are also parallel alternative private channels for service: "International Private Personal Service of Process". All methods have the same legal value or hierarchy  and using one method does not excludes using the other in parallel. The informal or alternative channels, are described in Art. 10. These are of three kinds and not all are accepted by all countries, some countries have oppose to some of them.

The Hague Convention agreement includes an option for "the fastest available manner", this mention is on the formal service (Central Authority). This is clear when authorizing to mix methods i.e. art. 5 by obtaining a permission  to use special methods, that is "Serve by a private server under the Central Authority". In other words you can choose your server even if that country opposes to art. 10 sections. In these cases the certificate of service ("Affidavit of Service for private service") is issued by the Central Authority.

Hague Convention signatory countries allows private service of process "If not expressly opposed", thereto and on the other hand, even if opposed, the last word on accepting service is on your Court's decision and it will be based on

  • 1. Evidence of acknowledgement by Addressee
  • 2. Compliance with "Lex-Forum" (Judging Court).
  • 3. Qualification of the Process Server

Our secret is in our "Counsel de LA CUETARA’s applied Principles of International Service of Process" to avoid "defenceless of addressee" in other words,  giving addressee all what is necessary to "react on time" to his "acknowledgement of service", such as:

  • Legal Advise in his own language
  • Possibility to respond using our services
  • Information on the Laws applied to service
  • Attorney referral service or Mediation Services
  • Legal Aid contact information in the "Lex Forum"
We serve with diplomacy, respect and professionalism without "Red tape".

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Joseph A. de LA CUETARA, Iuris-doctor
International, French and Spanish Bar Associations member
"Procurador de los Tribunales de España"
 Tl. (34) 687 704 940(34) 687 704 940

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