International Process Servers, Statutory Agents & Expert Witnesses

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Article 10 of the Hague Convention

Joseph A. de LA CUETARA

Follow this simple Instructions for International Service of Process

A. From your Jurisdiction “Lex Forum”, verify you have the following;

1. Documents  to be served, we will serve what you send. It is advisable to use numbered pages, we will not check for any contents; confidentiality is guaranteed. We serve only Civil or Commercial cases whatever your send.

2. Verify if service must be completed by serving an “Original” or by “True Copy” (in general a simple copy sent by email to us is enough but some countries require service of an Original court order).

3. Check if there is a form Affidavit of preference  as “Proof of service” or “Affidavit of Service”,  note that in general for International Private Service what is needed is to reflect in the Affidavit of service that all guarantees where given to addressee "due diligence" or a “Hague Certificate” Verify also if you need any other kind of "evidence of service" such as reception signatures,  images or corporate seals.

4. We recommend you to include a cover letter to addressee indicating the Statues of Limitations, where to obtain legal Aid in your country, the address of the Consular office of his nationality within your Jurisdiction and an  invitation to an "out of Court agreement" or "Mediation", we will do the rest.

5. Then, scan all your documents to PDF format only and send them by email to;

6. Please note We accept special instructions, if legal in the service jurisdiction (i.e. respect for Sundays, Work… ).

B. Service suggestions and conditions:

a. When servicing Corporations, service is recommended to be to their “Registered Mercantile Address” and  of preference to a “Registered official”, that is to say to a “Competent official” or to those persons who are authorized to engage the corporate responsibility by receiving service such as a "Statutory agent".  Serving their legal department is an Asset.

b. If the address of service given to serve an individual is wrong or we do not reach the addressee, then we will complete a substitute service after trying 3 times, and if negative,  we will issue an “Attempted and failed service of process affidavit”. Thereto, we recommend you send us the addressees telephone number and prior to service in order to do a “due diligence”  his potential address for existence verification.